Sellafield, formerly known as Windscale, is a large multi-function nuclear site close to Seascale on the coast of Cumbria, England. As of August 2022, primary activities are nuclear waste... Wikipedia

  • Official name:  Sellafield Site. Known 1956-1971 as Windscale & Calder Works, known 1947-1956 as Windscale Works.
  • Country:  United Kingdom
  • Location:  Seascale, Cumbria
  • Commission date:  Windscale Piles (non-power generating): 1950, Calder Hall: 1956, Windscale AGR: 1962
  • Owner(s):  Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
  • Operator(s):  Sellafield Ltd
  • Reactor type:  Magnox (Calder Hall), AGR prototype (Windscale)
  • Units operational:  No nuclear power generation since 2003, Processes still active: spent fuel storage, waste processing and storage, and plant decommissioning.
  • Units decommissioned:  Units taken out of service: Calder Hall: 4 x 60 MWe (gross), Windscale AGR: 1 x 36 MWe, Final decommissioning for complete site 2120
  • Data source:  DuckDuckGo